Botswana Travel

14 Jul

Maun: Life and Celebration

Ever year, locals eagerly anticipate when and if the flooding of the Okavango Delta will reach our dusty town. Nestled in the Southern reaches of the mesmerizing Delta, lies the village of Maun. It is here that the Thamalakane River gracefully winds its way towards, its waters replenished by the distant Jao-Boro, a journey that takes approximately three months to complete. As the river reaches Maun, a remarkable transformation takes place, where the once arid landscape is revitalized by the water, resulting in vibrant hues of lush green grasses, sweeping...

11 Jul

Water Levels In Botswana

A Miracle of Nature – the Okavango Delta and its changing water levels The Okavango Delta is a very unique part of the world. Looking at a satellite image you can easily see a few blue lines meandering from the Angolan highlands all the way to Botswana, forming a magnificent river that spreads into an alluvial fan and then simply disappears. It creates an amazing oasis in the middle of the world’s biggest stretch of sand, the Kalahari, reaching from Congo to South Africa. Magic. But the true magic is in...

11 Jul

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Botswana

1) Botswana is home to the longest mammal migration in Africa Few people know that Botswana is home to two zebra migrations, one of which is the longest mammal migration in Africa, about 1000km. The zebra move with the seasons and rainfall in search of fresh grazing, wandering between the Chobe River, through Savuti, heading South to Nxai Pan National Park and then return back again a few months later. A second migration occurs between the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Makgadikgadi Pans. Between 20 000 and 30 000 zebras...