Shorobe is a sizeable village about 26km north of Maun, and 53km south of South Gate, Moremi. Drive slowly through here as you can usually expect plenty of goats and people wandering on the road. On the south side of the village you'll see Shorobe Primary School, and dotted throughout are a few small, local shops which sell soft drinks and very basic supplies.

The one place that is worth seeking out here is the Babomoso Basketry Co-op, which was set up as an income-generating project for the local people by Conservation International. It sells a wide range of baskets at generally lower prices than you’ll find in Maun. What’s more, you know that the money you pay is going straight back to the local community.

Good To Know

Best Time To Travel

  •  April – October, traditionally dry season, the game viewing is easier due to low grasses and these private reserves / game farms pump permanent water holes attracting the game from the dry CKGR
  •  November – March, traditionally the wet season. Birding, at its best not forgetting the desert flowers that bloom after the rains.
  • Winter is much cooler which often suits the international travelers and the clear night skies are spectacular
What To See

  • Species specialized in extreme aridity eg. Springbok, Gemsbok,
  • Brown Hyena, Mongoose, Meerkats, Ostrich, and the Kalahari black maned lion
  • Despite the fences, big predators such as lion, leopard and cheetah move in and out of the concessions throughout the year.
  • The Central Kalahari area is renowned for Raptors

What To Do

  • Game Drives, day, and night (nocturnal desert animals)
  • Bush walks
  • Swimming pool for those hot summer days & nights
  • Star gazing
  • Experience the bush, with the San people, now working alongside the tourism industry, to share their culture and traditions.
What Makes This Area Unique

  • Deception Valley Lodge sits on one of the largest privately owned conservancies in Botswana
  • The contrast between dry and wet season in the Kalahari is an extreme one, with the first rains the rough semi-desert transforms into a green paradise
  • Winter night skies are phenomenal
  • Unlike the CKGR, these lodges are not beholden to Government Park regulations
Expert Travel Tips

  • Central Kalahari area can have extreme temperatures, 40 degrees in October and freezing early mornings & evenings in July-August. The Central Kalahari can be 10 degrees higher / lower than the rest of Botswana depending on season. Be prepared
  •  For self-drivers, the Deception Valley Private Reserve provides an ideal stop for experiencing the desert without the risks of heading into the vast Central Kalahari hundreds of miles from the nearest creature comforts and assistance

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