Chobe National Park & River Front

Chobe National Park & River Front

The Chobe area is an elephant mecca; home to the largest density of African elephants in the world. Travel here during winter and you’ll fast run out of fingers and toes while you count them drinking at the riverbanks and socialising out on the floodplains. Thanks to its ease of access from Victoria Falls, the Chobe Riverfront is the busiest part of Botswana (though still a much quieter affair than most South or East African safaris). What Chobe lacks in solitude during the busier months, it more than makes up for with quality game viewing.

Chobe is not just a great introduction to Botswana. It also makes a rewarding repeat journey once you’ve ticked off the big stuff. It’s a place to search for the rare sable antelope, to spot that gem from the birders’ bucket list and to explore the remoter corners.

Where you stay in Chobe makes a huge difference to your safari experience. The most affordable options are at bigger hotels in a town setting where you’ll share your game drives with a few more vehicles. On the more exclusive end, stay in a wilder area in or around the park, listen to the sounds of the bush at night and get a head start on accessing the park for activities.

Good To Know

Best Time To Travel

  • All year round: Due to permanent water and easy accessibility of Park to / from Kasane plus proximity of Victoria Falls
  • May – October: Dry season the larger herds tend to congregate on the river front. Often see the large herds swim across to Sedudu Island
  • November – April: the large herds spread throughout the greater area of Chobe National Park due to the increased availability of surface water from seasonal pans
What To See

  • Large herds of Elephants and Buffalo. Zebra, Kudu, plains game and the ever-present predators. Prolific birdlife all year but especially in the wet season.
  • Also found in Chobe, Chobe Bushbuck and Puku, plus Sable and Roan occasionally spotted if you are lucky
  • Hippos and gigantic Crocodiles abound in the Chobe River
  • Wart hogs, Baboons, Buffalo and Elephants are frequent visitors to Kasane Town

What To Do

  • All lodges offer Game Drives and boat cruises into the Chobe Park, some on an inclusive basis, others at additional cost.
  • Sunset Cruises, the spectacular Chobe sunsets alone are worth a visit to the Chobe area.
  • Traditional Village visits
  • Fishing in season, i.e., Tiger Fish, on the bucket list for many fishermen
  • Canoeing on the Western / Ngoma side of the park
  • Caracal Biodiversity center
  • Golf @ Mowana
  • Daytrips to Victoria Falls
  • Village walks in Namibia
  • Spa Treatments at specific lodges
What Makes This Area Unique

  • Chobe National Park is one of Africa’s greatest game park
  • The Chobe River is a tributary of the mighty Zambezi River and forms the northern border of Botswana, looking across at Namibia
  • The Chobe River meets the Zambezi close to Kazangula, in this vicinity 4 countries meet Botswana, Namibia, Zambia & Zimbabwe.
  • Kasane is the gateway to Chobe National Park
  • Kasane offers larger hotels than anywhere else in Botswana
Expert Travel Tips

  • Lodges on the western side /Ngoma have the advantage of entering the park early morning on the western side, much quieter than the Eastern / Kasane Gate
  • These lodges are not in the park and can therefore offer night drives and walks.
  • Majority of the year, the lodges on westerns side need to go to Kasane for a boat cruise and so are unable to offer sundowner cruises, as they need to get back through the park before it closes.
  • Ultimate option is Chobe Game Lodge, already in the park for game driving and a quiet stretch of water for sundowner cruise in comparison to the Kasane area.
  • Great family destination, many lodges offer family rooms and cater for various budgets.
  • Might be worth booking a private vehicle for added flexibility and a more intimate experience
  • Self-drivers: No driving off-road or driving after dark is permitted within the Chobe National Park in accordance with government rules and regulations
  • Fuel and provisions widely available in Kasane
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