16 Nov


Welcome to the pulse of Maun. Encounter the donkey carts, road-side vendors, unassuming yet vibrant corners, contemporary street art and the people, getting an authentic glimpse of life in Botswana.

Learn about local customs and traditions from your host, intermingled with their own personal experiences. Feast your senses on the sights, smells and sounds when walking through the vibrant market place. Taste some traditional dishes at a local Café. Meet some of our resident talents and admire their crafts. Look out for the BaHerero women dressed in their big, elaborate and colourful dresses. Try your hand at the ancient practice of basket weaving and hear the stories behind the beautiful patterns.

Compliment your safari experience with this immersive 3-hour Maun tour that partners with the community, enabling economic empowerment and developing cultural ambassadors.

Zolile Harvey

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